Summer Top-10 from Ralph Lauren

Summer Top-10 from Ralph Lauren

1. Romantic top

Be it in style of the western prairie or a desert safari, usmotritelny, worthy goddesses a topic, does romantic clothes style. Decorated with womanly details, it is on the first place among silhouettes and styles which should be in clothes of each lady this summer. Jeans of your boy friend can seem absolutely improper detail for a similar topic, after all such mixture of styles does absolutely unexpected image for everyday affairs.

2. A cap with fields

Embodiment of a comprehensive glamour (a keynote of collections from Ralph Lauren) – a cap in style the hat will give to your make-up and the cleaned hair a perfective aspect. If a similar accessory not to you, try more sports cowboy’s caps and Panamanians which will create special style, keeping you at all this irresistible. The shape of your face will help to find the best style of a cap. For example, wide fields and smooth strips look better on angular faces while small hats suit ladies with the rounded persons better.

3. Bohemian skirt

This summer the weightless bohemian skirt achieves tremendous success. Rural or exotic style of a cut and natural fabrics характеризовают this subject of clothes, length at all this has no value. When fitting things upward put on, the height of a heel should be increased by a platform.

4. A sandal on a platform

From rural to retrostyle, a sandal on a platform are an integral part of our clothes in summertime. They are suitable not only for a campaign on a beach and acceptances of solar baths, but also and for though what act during the day. When are going to go for any action, dress sandals on a platform. So will remain in comfort and heels will not be stuck to the earth.

5. Easy suit

Cotton or linen suit with a little negligent summer hairdress and a make-up, according to Ralph Lauren, – the finest subject of clothes. White, color of an ivory or a grayish and small heel (think of leather sandals on a flat sole) only add to such type of elegance. Modern suits happen to shorts, skirts or dresses and are supplemented with a jacket and trousers – can choose that option which suits directly to you!

6. A shirt in style Oxford

For the girl in Ralph Lauren style any seasonal clothes do not do without a shirt in style Oxford in various new tones. This invariable subject of clothes allows to look perfectly both on interview, and on walk at the sea. For summer add one white, one striped and one bright shirt in your list of neotklonimy things. Buying shirts in different styles and breeds, you will add variability in the clothes. The shirt with wide man’s breed will add sex appeals to your look while slim-fit in style Oxford will create a usual well-groomed look.

7. Color sundress

The best choice for summer parties in the open air, dinners and weddings – a color sundress which will emphasize the feminity which is so appropriate for the girl in Ralph Lauren style. Style of a sundress is created at the expense of distinction in a fabric and a silhouette – from the prairie to the 60th in Bridget Bardo’s style. Accessories and picturesque scenery will emphasize with Metallichesiye your sundress if you gather for an official celebration – combine a dress in warm colors with gold ornaments, in the cold – with silver. Your scenery can allocate color of a sundress, only do not go to far and choose elegant subjects.

8. Rank trousers

Since that moment as the American fighters started to dress these trousers from cotton твила in the First World War, they took a strong place in all American clothes. Their popularity never fell, only every season designers add something special to this style. Be your image boyish or elegant, trousers of a rank will surely add to it something special. Neotklonimy subject of summer clothes.

9. Trunks

Because creation everyday, made in order that them carried, but luxury things – the purpose of a female collection from Ralph Lauren, the refreshed trunks became comfortable and were added with ultrafashionable details. They are made of skin – the next plus of this collection. Proportions are very important at clothes choice! If you low growth, a sandal on a high platform promote to balance the overloaded trunk.

10. Wide shorts

Dressing wide shorts, you can achieve this summer of a look popular in the Ralph Lauren collection, «I borrowed the boy friend». Dress them with a jacket for creation of a fresh summer view or with a fitting top from the Black Label collection and sparkling sandals for issue – in any case you will irresistibly look!

Summer Top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Summer Top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Summer Top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Summer Top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Summer Top-10 from Ralph Lauren