6 in 1 or how extraordinary to look in one dress

6 in 1 or how extraordinary to look in one dress
With ease it is possible to present that, лицезрев this dress, many women started to represent themselves in is mute at a graduation party. But why to wait so for a long time? Why to force this wonderful bagatelle to become dusty in a case waiting for that sacred day when it eventually will put on? After all that the dress looks elegant, at all does not mean that it can be carried only on holidays. Anything similar! He can be adapted and for everyday life. In total that you need it a little imaginations and a certain quantity of accessories. The directly carefully picked up accessories are capable to change clothes style in a root. You now also are convinced of it.

Option No. 1
Sea Miracle
Fatinovoye dress of color of a sea wave. It you can put on on though what festive action.

Option No. 2
Punk princess
It is an image rather expressional and emotionally rich therefore asks special attention to the details which are present at accessories. So, we will start:
The head we put on a stylish cap without excesses
Over a dress – a leather jacket, it is better with existence of steel parts: lightnings, rivets, thorns, etc.
On feet – black Dr Martens boots (very popular among punks) and high black socks so that they a little присбаривались over boots, creating easy negligent folds.

Option No. 3
Image of the Distinguished Lady
For creation of a type of the distinguished lady it is enough to put on a jacket of a noble coloring (the jacket from Forever 21 in this case was used).
To decorate a dress with a vintage golden belt.
On legs to put on lovely nosochka, on edge trimmed with ruches, (nosochka models from the ICING company) and stylish usmotritelny shoes from Ralph Lauren. The image of the distinguished lady is ready!

Option No. 4
Free spirit
For creation of this look it is necessary to pick up a wide-brimmed cap of ordinary height.
Over shoulders to throw vintage scarfs.
To take with itself a bag from Betsey Johnson.
And to put on sandals on a platform sole, corresponding to a created look and suitable on style to other accessories of the dress.

Option No. 5
Miracle retro
To make an image such «оторвы the 60th», it is necessary to pull together hair in a high tail, reknitted with a visible elastic band for hair.
To take with itself vintage sunglasses of the Oakley company.
Over a dress to put on a jacket in a section, reflecting spirit of a retro of style.
On the beloved of a leg to put in shoes, on a coloring having something in common with a jacket. Shoes from Ralph Lauren of golden and olive color perfectly will approach.

Option No. 6
Image of a vedmochka.
For creation of this look it is enough to put on a wide-brimmed cap of average height, a raincoat cape, high golfs and shoes court shoes. Voila: the image of an irresistible vedmochka is ready!

Thus, gathering somewhere, not simply put on a thing, and enclose in it a part of, and then it becomes really to yours. All around will be surprised to how stylishly and extraordinary you could its tax. Be not afraid to experiment! Include the imagination, – and forward towards to new images! 6 in 1 or how extraordinary to look in one dress
6 in 1 or how extraordinary to look in one dress
6 in 1 or how extraordinary to look in one dress
6 in 1 or how extraordinary to look in one dress
6 in 1 or how extraordinary to look in one dress