Yves Saint Laurent joined army of green brands

In the West concern in ecology of our planet caught really universal scales. And more and more popular brands are connected to what movement. We already published some articles and volume as scenery and bathing suits became "green", to their regiment arrived – Yves Saint Laurent offers a "green" bag.

The Muse Two Artisanal bag will be let out in only 60 copies. All of them handwork – do them ladies of Burkina Faso, and at all this materials from the processed plastic bottles and so-called cotton of «fair trade» are used. This bag is a part of the New Vintage collection in which development the material remains from the old YSL collections are used, but from it they lose nothing and remain same smart as well as everything that Yves Saint Laurent becomes under brand.

While only some bags were made, and to get them it is possible only in on-line shops in States and Great Britain for $1 720