Spring charm from LODIS

The new collection of accessories of the Californian brand of Lodis does not leave indifferent even the choosiest women of fashion.

If you thirst the French purse, a bag bracelet for the evening or usual functional option for every day, not essentially what bagatelle from this collection will meet your expectations. Their style varies from usual forms and flowers to popular designs and courageous coloring.

Designers of a brand aspire to advance a fashion, offering clients unexpected and courageous decisions, using exclusive European skin to make a stylish and unique product.

So, for example, the charming handbag of Athena Aida Crossbody can be equated to a work of art. It is made of soft, teksturirovanny skin of a snake over which it was executed, by means of a stamping, a metal and gold ornament which appropriates models feature. With the same success designers of Lodis embodied a fine accessory – a cover for iPad. Unique design – a manual list, a skin engraving with imposed тюлью in a combination to reliable and functional protection against scratches and damages.

It is a collection of perfect accessories for the goddess!