Reserved sexuality from Fergie

Reserved sexuality from Fergie
Summer – time of holidays and trips to the distant countries. Being on vacation, it would be desirable to visit, be filled everywhere with mass of memoirs and emotions, to feel a wind of change, to plunge into history, to like its spirit; to descend both in a museum, and in a delphinarium, and in theater… After all it would be desirable to squeeze out of a trip of memoirs to the maximum!

For example: how it is possible to visit Italy and, being in Rome, not to glance to Vatican? Even faithless people aspire to get there only in order that «to touch to sacred» and to inhale a drink of the spiritualized air …

So, gathering to travel, not always it is possible to foresee, where you will directly get also what things with yourself to take. And all of us know that in certain places there are some rules of behavior, and times and restrictions in appearance. Therefore it is necessary carefully обмыслить the clothes. And as you — are a little limited in number of clothes and footwear which can take with itself as it is necessary it is necessary to cope universality of their introduction that to you was comfortable to be both on an ultrafashionable party, and on the district of the old temple. Thus, your footwear should correspond to two lines: the liberated sexuality and moderate restraint.

What, it seems to you, what to these two absolutely turnaround lines there can not correspond one pair of shoes in any way? Fеrgie already took care of it. It let out the newest line of sandals of Quilla. It is footwear on a platform sole with an open round nouse.
* the Top of sandals is decorated interesting and moderately with a playful wattled element.
* they Fasten an adjustable thong at level of an anklebone and, thanks to it, perfectly "sit" on a foot.
* the Platform sole is visually smoothly narrowed, forming a delicate hint on a heel.
* Are available in 5 flowers: red, as клементины (Clementine); black (Black); brown, colors of a chestnut tree (Chestnut); green (Green) and beige, colors of a toffee (Toffee).

* Are executed from the skin possessing water resistance and plasticity that allows footwear to repeat a shape of your foot with ease and to be longer.
* In sandals smooth amortiziruyushchy insoles are laid.
* the Sole — rough that provides huge stability and safety.

You will be the real zakonodatelnitsy fashion in these to a descent reserved and sexual sandals of Quilla from Fergie. Reserved sexuality from Fergie
Reserved sexuality from Fergie
Reserved sexuality from Fergie
Reserved sexuality from Fergie
Reserved sexuality from Fergie