Mans summer top-10 from Ralph Lauren

Mans summer top-10 from Ralph Lauren

1. Summer white clothes

Picturesque colors take a printsipny place in summer clothes, but it is worth to remember and about purely white things which will allow you to be allocated from crowd. Make the image by means of snow-white subjects of clothes, having added them with strips of pastel tones on shirts, belts and ties. Thin strips will make room for an eye where to be focused.

Are not convinced, whether there corresponds to your lifestyle an image "very clean"? Begin with the small. the 1st white subject of clothes for a start will be enough – whether it be a shirt, linen trousers or shorts – fresh start to enter society of fans of style of club sports.

2. Bright polo

Suitable both for informal office days, and for days off with friends, polo-necks have every chance to become your subject of clothes for every day this summer. Be convinced that your new polo is executed in sports style and the more flowers, the better! The colors are brighter, the more strongly they will contrast with jeans, shorts or white trousers.

As well as with though what visible subject of clothes, do not go to far! If you were going to make contrast between trousers, a belt or сандалями, track, that nothing coincided on color with a shirt (or in common).

3. Blue Oxford in style

The blue – the oldest color for style Oxford. The composition of this color with cotton always remains the best example of convenience and a practicality – is suitable both for a combination to an official suit, and to shorts on a beach. Take with itself one in a train for a sortie for the weekend, and in пн add a tie – and you are ready to the working day!

One of the best parameters of clothes in style Oxford will be that the sun, and invariable a sock add sand to it only charm. On this occasion, it is better to have two similar shirts: older – for everyday the socks, the latest – for official meetings.

4. Klassichesiye points

Points – one of the main subjects of clothes, they serve not only for protection against the sun, well and to allocate your sense of style upon transitions from an office for the street. Not printsipno, the pilot or retrostyle, choose those points which suit directly to you and have good protection against ultra-violet beams. And points, and your eyes will serve to you many seasons in a row.

If you plan them to carry once a day, choose a classical form and color for a bigger practicality. Look in a mirror, but know that square lenses and style the pilot approach for though what shape of a face. While brown spotty color mixes up with though what skin color.

5. Summer suit

For vacation or wedding – the good easy suit which simply is located in a suitcase is necessary to you. The suit made of cotton or flax will be the best option here. These materials will refresh you even better than light wool, also will emphasize your style.

The three-piece suit can sound as a sentence, but it has one printsipny advantage: You can divide it and dress only a waistcoat and trousers when on the street everything ignites from a heat.

6. Bathing suit

The quite good bathing suit will add irresistibility to your appearance. Pay the attention to classical silhouettes: shorts slightly over the knee from a material with flower motives.

The bathing shorts can dress also and with usual shirts. The color bottom mixes up with solid top, and an one-color bottom – with multi-colored top better.

7. Rank trousers

Think about them as about summer replacement to jeans, only it is more pleasant, easier also than different flowers. Treat them as to jeans – at first choose your favourite style, and late can carry them every day together with a belt and a blue informal jacket. They perfectly look twirled to a knee to show your suntanned anklebones.

Such trousers, naturally, are not suitable for work, but will promote you to make a quite good summer image of the day off in a combination to a belt and a polo-neck.

8. Belt

Belts – not an exception, as well as other subjects of clothes, they become easier and brighter, as we come nearer to summer. The color they will paint though what ансабль.

Make visible contrast, choosing the color of a belt which is cardinally different from other clothes. It will help to allocate your torso, having added an accurate waistline.

9. Madras

Called in honor of the city in India where this material was created, Madras – summer option of your favourite flannel. Shorts, a blazer or a shirt are made of it, it should remain at the head of a look that all another looked the insignificant.

The faded Madras became popular as the things changing the appearance at each washing became fashionable. So, keep in mind that color which to you seemed shocking upon purchase, after the first washing any more will not be such visible.

10. Easy sweater

For new summer nights change the cashmere sweater for other easier – from light wool or cashmere in a combination to silk. These materials will not load you, besides more weakened look, than winter knitted sweaters will give to a look.

Take an easy sweater, going to any trip even if it seems to you that he could not be dressed. Simply tie it round a waist or throw shoulders with approach of evening.

Mans summer top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Mans summer top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Mans summer top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Mans summer top-10 from Ralph Lauren
Mans summer top-10 from Ralph Lauren