Prep Collection from Tommy Hilfiger – new old lifestyle

Prep Collection from Tommy Hilfiger - new old lifestyle

Tommy Hilfiger let out unusual, but during too time all a familiar for a long time collection under Prep Collection title (from English preppy – the graduate of expensive personal preparatory school – a comment of the founder) this summer. The collection was created together with LisaBirnbach, the founder of 2 books on this subject which is considered recognized authority in the field. To data, it still wears a favourite tennis sweater of own father, pearls of the grandmother and a fluttering raincoat.

Without what cannot manage real преппи?

1. Blazer. «Any of us regardless of age, sex and sexual preferences cannot do without a blue blazer».

2. Rackets for badminton. «Game in tennis – very painful business. It is better to test something higher».

3. Oars. «Preppi not гонются, they row. Notice a difference!»

4. A sweater in style institute. «On shoulders or on a waist – преппи know that the sweater is necessary at though to what weather».

5. Polo. «Business, golf or a barbecue at neighbors – a polo, as well as real преппи, will adapt to though what situation».

6. A set for game in cricket. «It serves not to win or lose, and perfectly to look!»

7. Dominoes. «Besides that it simply retroabruptly, dominoes – one of few games which will not force to sweat».

8. Points in style the pilot. «Such points perfectly look, irrespective of where you are: in the sea, on the earth or in clouds».

9. A shirt from Madras. «Anything so certainly does not distinguish преппи, as a shirt from Madras».

10. A shirt with drawing from anchors. «To everyone преппи the shirt is necessary corresponding though to what occasion. An additional point if the shirt with drawing from anchors mixes up with a tie».

11. Lifebuoy. «Preppi do not sink and do not float – they shake on waves».

12. Greenish bag. «Everyone преппи should have a favourite pastel color. Perhaps and not one».

13. Sea boots. «They vpervy were thought up for the American fleet. Simply popular very narrow rubber on a sole предутверждает sliding. For natatorial and land преппи».

14. A windcheater with a hood. «Bad weather – the best occasion to bring a little mosky style in clothes».

15. A dress in style Oxford. «A dress in the form of a long shirt – ladies’ option of composition of a tie with jeans».

16. Champagne. «Preppi never sit down having drunk for a wheel. Perhaps, because they stay overnight?)…»

17. A blazer in sea style. «The blazer with a contrast collar and sea buttons – is necessary for a party in style of a country».

18. Cards. «Real преппи never misses, to it always to eat than be engaged, the napimer to play with itself while he will not win!)»

19. Cardigan of the boy friend. «A cardigan which suits to though to what combination of a polo and rank trousers. Hard, but at you it will turn out».

20. Sea ladies’ boots. «Brown is new black. Approaches practically to everything».

21. Rank trousers. «Remember – each your mood accepts the shade of the blue. The best copy in style преппи – assured in itself and a little the madman».

22. Books. «Read there where you go where you are and where already were – never late to begin».

23. A cap from the sun. «Protect the eyes from the sun and from views of those who not so is on friendly terms with style, as you».

24. Rank trousers with drawing from anchors. «Anchors never happens much».

25. Striped dress. «There is nothing more преппи, than to be striped from head to foot».

26. Boxes. «Do not forget to bring gifts to the friends and neighbors. To give – means to receive!»

27. Bag bag. «Never take more than that can carry away if only your bag does not contain all this».

28. Globe. «Style преппи became global and each corner of the world interprets it in own way».

Tommy Hilfiger

At present, when you realize everything about style преппи, it is possible to go on a meeting with other his followers, organized by Tommy Hilfiger!

Paris: 21-On April 25

New-york: 5-On May 8

London: 5-On May 15

Stockholm: On May 26 – on June 4

Los Angeles: 10-On June 12

Milan: 18-On June 25

Madrid: On June 24 – on July 2

Зюльт: 27-On July 31

To Knokka: 4-On August 14

And you realize, what at each city – the style преппи?

  1. Amsterdam. Here преппи connect stylish to the comfortable. An image weakened, but usmotritelny, with accent on dishevelled from walk on hair are great.
  2. Hamburg. Who spoke about sea style? Here on all strips from head to foot.
  3. To Knokka. White trousers in this coastal small town – sacred. Add them with striped top or a leather jacket and you are ready to though to what succession of events.
  4. London. British "take" the shchegolsky manner, to a descent impudent and true.
  5. Los Angeles. Here преппи are ready both to go on a beach, and to go in for sports.
  6. Madrid. Spanish преппи are not afraid of bright flowers and the man at all do not hesitate of fitting trousers of a rank. And what for?
  7. Milan. Because here spend for clothes more means, than in any other place, преппи here look always a fantasy.
  8. New-york. The comfort and haute couture – a sweater in style institute and heels murderers here mixes up.
  9. Paris. Directly Breton strips here were born – so преппи in them are smart with little effort.
  10. Stockholm. The whole matter is in the details. Tie carelessly a scarf on a neck (even if this process will occupy about half an hour), roll up slightly below a knee rank trousers – and forward!

And what city in your opinion – most преппи? Vote in Tommy Hilfiger group on Facebook! In the same place, by the way, it is possible to look at a photo from the last preppi-party in Los Angeles.

Prep Collection from Tommy Hilfiger - new old lifestyle
Prep Collection from Tommy Hilfiger - new old lifestyle
Prep Collection from Tommy Hilfiger - new old lifestyle
Prep Collection from Tommy Hilfiger - new old lifestyle
Prep Collection from Tommy Hilfiger - new old lifestyle