Animalier make-up from Dolce&Gabbana

Animalier make-up from Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana represents The Make Up – the long-awaited collection of decorative cosmetics made of Domenico Dolche and Stephano Gabban.

The collection is cast by a type of the lady in style Dolce&Gabbana which surrounds itself with luxury and shine. The Make Up – the usual range of the cosmetics suitable for each lady. Packing is made of golden metal and has the elegant form transferring harmony thanks to contrast between straight lines and soft lines and roundish edges. The palette of this collection is inspired with the rich nature and history of the Mediterranean, shine of Hollywood and feminity.

Dolce&Gabbana The Make Up – very personal project for Designers. They governed each step of development of this collection. The gold steel box decorated with a logo Dolce&Gabbana is an object of demonstration and a beautiful accessory. Designers presented contrast, but at all this harmoniously being combined samples of fabrics from own collections as target flowers of The Make Up colors. The known stylist the Stalemate Makgrat, the legend of the industry of the fashion, cooperating with Designers more than 10 years, realized a collection and turned idea into a product.

The many-sided range of a collection based on contrasts Dolce&Gabbana The Make Up is the palette transferring the lady from day at night. Each subject of the The Make Up collection is unique, it possesses the distinctive lines, at all this remaining modern and comfortable. The richness of surprising flowers, from muffled to bright, from usual to up-to-date, provides unlimited possibilities. The revived structures narrate about infinite inspiration – from an unforgettable landscape of coal-black sparkling sand of Stromboli to glamour podiums of Milan.

And at present a little about products:

Voice-frequency base for damp or dry drawing

Sensuality and self-confidence appear thanks to quality. Perfect Finish Powder Foundation eliminates imperfections of skin and emphasizes its natural beauty. Voice-frequency means works with skin as with a canvas, putting forward on the 1st plan its natural light.

Shining powder with effect of suntan

Glow Bronzing Powder is the beautiful gentle product which is absolutely suitable for creation of warm and sensual Hollywood light of skin. The image radiating warmth and sensuality and narrating about feeling of a blissful decadence is the center of the Universe Dolce&Gabbana.

Shining blush

Advanced colors emphasize cheekbones and model a face form. Luminous Cheek Color recover the person gentle light, giving it healthy light. The rich palette consists of the magnificent flowers dokhodno shading smooth, well-groomed skin.

Set from 4 eye shadow

The collection of eye shadow is intended for the lady who likes to emphasize the eyes. Colors of this collection are presented in beautiful combinations and are offered in Quad and Duo sets. In coordination with the concept Dolce&Gabbana, colors vary from gentle to bright and do provocative contrasts.

Set from 2 eye shadow

As well as in case of a choice of fabrics for own collections, designers made color palettes with the same approach – finding harmonious contrasts. A color palette vary from bright, similar to fabrics for evening dresses, to usual, gentle and perfectly compatible to other flowers.

Ink for eyelashes with huge effect

Perfect eyelashes do the lady more well-groomed, young and sensual, full exciting accents and an intrigue. Eyes – a window to the soul, and eyelashes – its ideal frame.

Pencil for eyes

Brightness and sensuality are expressed by means of a rich color palette of a pencil for eyes which allows the lady to create picturesque images of passion, desires and intrigues. Correctly traced line transfers modern elegance, and languishing eyes say about an intrigue and passion.

Usual cream lipstick

Faultless sensual lips are created by means of a magnificent formula of Classic Cream Lipstick giving visible color which to a descent raises and disarms, giving to lips sensual tenderness. Each shade perfectly laying down on lips is full of passion and feminity.

Lipstick with shine

Shine lipstick transfers a type of ephemeral sensuality, with emphasis on an ultra-womanly glamour. The range of translucent, very sparkling lipsticks, does lips shining and bolshenny.

Shining light for lips

Sensual and seductive, Ultra-shine Lipgloss appropriates to lips a type of wettish glass. The professional applikator provides ideal drawing. If to use it together with lipstick or a pencil for lips, color becomes very saturated.

Pencil for lips

Precious Lipliner offered in a number of flowers, unites beautiful softness and remarkable accuracy. Pleasant color slides on lips and outlines them.

Saturated nail polish

Intense Nail Laquer is presented by a palette of the inimitable flowers riveting attention on hands. This product allows to receive an equal saturated covering though what of irresistible flowers – from corporal to provocative.

Well as at present to us to do without all this contrast?!

Animalier make-up from Dolce&Gabbana
Animalier make-up from Dolce&Gabbana
Animalier make-up from Dolce&Gabbana
Animalier make-up from Dolce&Gabbana
Animalier make-up from Dolce&Gabbana